(Not particularly wild) wildlife….

I’ve mentioned the frequent visits we get in our tent from the animal kingdom – lots of bugs but mainly lizards. They are such funny little things! For example, this little guy likes to pop his head in from time to time to see what’s happening:

Lizzie the Lizard

What they usually do is hunt bugs (which i’m really thankful for…) and also try to establish our tent as their territory by doing the funniest thing: they do push-ups, which i find hilarious (keep trying to upload a video of the push ups but it’s taking forever so i’ll just leave it for now, but i did find this youtube link – that really does happen all the time!). Oh, occasionally they also like to get freaky in our kitchen (get a room, guys!!!):

Gettin' freaky

And that is about as wild as the wildlife gets around here. Though there are a couple of iguanas hanging out in  the trees around the campground…

Iguana at Maho

Other than that, the animals you mostly see around the island are feral, descended from previously domesticated household and farm animals. There are a lot of feral cats (though no dogs), but also chickens, goats, pigs(!),

Feral pigs

and even cows and bulls (!!!):

Feral cows (!?)

My favorites however are definitely the donkeys:

Baby donkey

Yesterday we even saw a little baby donkey hanging out by his mama, walking a bit wobbly still and looking unbelievably cute:

Baby donkey

Main reason why i like them: they’re so friendly and curious – like our roommate the lizard, they like to pop their head in to see what’s happening :-)

Nosy donkey


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