Wild wild west

Leaving the lights of Las Vegas and the strange Nevada desert behind, we ventured further and further into the wild wild west and headed into the Grand Canyon state – Arizona, baby!


We drove on along seemingly endless roads snaking through deserted fields and (rarely) past spooky middle-of-nowhere towns – we’d sometimes go for miles without running into a single car. (made me think of this song)


Looking out the car window into that dry wilderness was fascinating and so different from anything that i’d ever experienced. (i think that’s when the trip actually started feeling like a real adventure – everything around us was somehow so untouched and so quiet that it felt like we were the only living souls for miles around).

The way to the Grand Canyon took us past some interesting places… (like Kingman, Arizona, where the local bail bond business seems to be booming…)


Because jail sucks. Now isn’t that the best ad slogan EVER! (for some reason i thought the sign was hilarious, but then again i’m a bit of a geek).

Deep into the plains of Arizona, we hopped off the interstate to cruise for a bit on a little part of pop culture history – want a clue? try this song…  Yep, we’re talking about the Mother Road – US Route 66.

Legendary Route 66 used to be called the main street of America – it went all the way across the States, from Chicago to Los Angeles (made me think of this book). Only parts of it still exist today (kind of like the great wall of china :-) ), and the little bit of history that we traveled on led us to a very peculiar place: Seligman, Arizona.

Seligman, Arizona


In the glory days of route 66, Seligman was quite a big stop – when nearby route 40 made route 66 obsolete, Seligman tourism and commerce took quite a blow – apparently, all through traffic stopped almost overnight. Nowadays the only visitors are the ones that want to explore what remains of the legendary road. The town felt weirdly quiet under the blazing (December!) sun. We desperately needed a break after hours and hours of driving, so we stopped for a cup of coffee at quite an interesting place: the infamous (i presume) Roadkill café!

As its name implies, the place has quite a unique selling point… If you haven’t guessed already, here’s another hint: the slogan is “you kill it, we grill it”


Yep, that’s right! The specialty of the house is roadkill. You can bring your own and have it deliciously prepared for you, or try one of the specials. How about a splatter platter, or a generous serving of highway hash? Maybe a swirl of squirrel, or a big bagged stag? No? But why?


Tempting as all this roadkill goodness may have been, we decided to stick to coffee :-) … After a little look around, a chat with the bartender and a couple of extra strong coffees, we left this weird, weird little joint and hit the road again.


We still had a long way to go for the Grand Canyon – so we drove on and on along these winding highways, without a soul in sight – sometimes our only company on the road were these strange trains crawling through the desert without heads or tails (they were all so long that i’m wondering whether it was just the same train that we ran into over and over again..)


The wilderness around us seemed so arid and vast, and the deserted highway disappeared into the horizon – it was just us and the road.

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