Whiteboards, recycling bins and a lot of smiling faces…

The local schools in the Manuel Antonio area often have very limited resources. This naturally limits the pupils´ ability to learn effectively. In an effort to improve this situation, and increase awareness about separating waste and recycling, Arenas del Mar donated whiteboards, pens, recycling bins and a whole lot more to the Colinas del Este primary school in nearby La Inmaculada.

La Inmaculada School

It was great to see how excited the pupils were to see us, and very humbling to see how little they have compared to schoolkids in the UK. The older boys ran over and were more than happy to help carry the heavy whiteboards into their classrooms. The days of chalky hands and dusty classrooms would soon be a thing of the past!

Happy to help

Everyone gathered around eagerly to listen to Piero, the Sustainability Coordinator at Arenas, talk about the different items we were  donating, which included essentials such as pens and paper, but also items that focused on sustainability like recycling bins and biodegradable cleaning products.

Eager pupils

Just a few of the new items the teachers and pupils will be able to benefit from:

Gifts for the pupils

From all the smiling faces, it was obvious how much these gifts meant to the children, and how much their education will benefit from them.

Local school


  1. That was nice! too bad you didnt stay for the Sabalo project, it was beautiful, so many happy faces!

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