Tortola is the main port of the British Virgin Islands, just a dinghy ride away from the US Virgin Islands – and of course Chris wouldn’t miss an opportunity to pay a visit to the motherland (he kept wondering whether we’d get proper beer and pub food over there, quite cute) (spoiler alert: we didn’t)… so, on a cloudy, stormy morning a few days after Isaac‘s passage, we hopped on a boat and half an hour later landed on the kind of shabby, kind of unkempt island of Tortola…
What did we see there? Among other things, we saw….
a tiny little port town bearing a striking resemblance to the house of Malibu Barbie,
shabby roadside huts covered in flowers,
shacks_on_tortola (Large)
huge, sort of spooky, unfinished mansions,
a nice looking rooster marching proudly by the side of the road,
rooster_on_tortola (Large)
… and after lots of walking and walking
we made it all the way to Apple bay:
apple_bay (Large)
Apple bay is famous for a couple of reasons: first of all, for being one of the very few spots around the Virgin islands where its is actually possible to surf, and second, because of Bomba’s infamous surf shack, perched over the waves. We weren’t able to do any surfing, but we did go ahead and pay a visit to the shack….
As you can see, the place does do justice to it’s name. Made up of painted wooden boards and pieces of metal haphazardly put together,
 …its walls (in airquotes) are covered in strange graffiti from all over the world:
 and pictures of Bomba himself posing with an assortment of topless women (apparently, if you go topless you get free drinks and also end up on the wall of fame).  It’s quite a strange place – notice all the ladies’ underwear hanging around?
I believe that if you’re not drunk enough to go topless, you can also get a free drink by donating your delicates to Bomba’s collection (!!!). How about that. And speaking of drinks, the place offers an interesting choice of beverages,
including the shack’s famous mushroom tea..
(i’m not quite sure what you get for donating your flip-flops :-) ) The shack was absolutely empty when we stopped by, so we just relaxed amidst a sea of panties, had some tea (no effect except what is to be expected from what felt like a ton of rum) and watched the storm roll in from the horizon….
stormy_sky (2)

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