Last Saturday we went sailing with a few friends from work! Our captain was such a character – he paints his toenails blue, wears an earring shaped like a pirate sword and tells the craziest stories. His boat is called Windsong, and we sailed it all the way – didn’t turn on the engine once. […]

America Hill


Since we usually work mornings, we try to go on hikes after work. The Virgin Islands national park, which covers most of the island of St John, is full of lovely trails, most of them not too long or too intense – an average trail around here takes about a couple of hours. Some of […]

A small taste of the island

Maho boardwalk

Hey everyone! First update from the tropics today – everything is slightly primitive here (in a good way!) so going online is very difficult business… also, there is so much to do and to see that I really haven’t had any time to sit down and write what it’s like…. After a very long trip, I […]