Samburu National Park: a day at Sasaab Lodge


As I’ve already mentioned, there is nothing typical about a typical day at Sasaab. Even just waking up to this sight would be enough to make any average day pretty cool… And of course this sight, along with the fresh hot coffee waiting for you on the deck, makes waking up at 5.30 slightly more […]

Samburu National Park: Arriving at Sasaab Lodge


It has been snowing in Freiburg the past couple of days and, even though it’s beautiful, the cold weather has made me daydream about warmer climates. I can’t stop thinking about our last trip to Kenya, and what a stunningly beautiful country it is. Volunteering with Basecamp in the Masai Mara was an unforgettable experience […]

Sunset on Malibu beach

IMG_5181 (Large)

It’s been cloudy and raining these past few days in Freiburg, and I’m starting to think that this very short (though very beautiful) southern german summer has already come to an end. It feels like it barely lasted for a couple of weeks, and I spent it all being knee-deep (more like chin-deep) in thesis […]

Escape from Alcatraz


We only had a couple of days to spend in San Francisco, so as soon as we had crossed the Bay Bridge we headed straight to Alcatraz – the main attraction that we both wanted to see. We originally wanted to get on the spooky night tour, but it was booked out – so we […]

Back to civilization


We left Yosemite for San Francisco – a mere 300 km (peanuts compared to the distances we were used to on that trip), but we were so tired after a long and strenuous (but awesome) hike that we didn’t feel like finding our way in the big city after all that wilderness. So we decided […]

A walk in the clouds

clouds at rosskopf

When it’s cloudy in Freiburg, the best thing to do is take a walk above the clouds: The viewing tower up on Rosskopf mountain is the perfect spot to take in the view towards that sea of clouds, with the mountains peaking out of it like deserted islands. A sea of clouds, mountaintop islands, and a forest of wind […]

In the mountains of Epirus (III)

Ovires rockpools

As you may or may not have realised, i sort of developed a huge crush on Papingo during our stay, so you can imagine i was less than happy to wake up on our last day there… However, a hearty breakfast full of local, fresh goodness made getting out of bed significantly easier! Besides, i […]

Land of the centaurs


Spending time in Athens with my pretty sizeable greek family (where “close family” means grand-parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, cousins’ boyfriends and girlfriends, close friends, neighbours, pets, random passers-by etc.), was A LOT of fun, but we soon got itchy feet again and couldn’t wait to go forth an explore (and why not do some location […]

Exploring the island


The last few days of our stay in St John we had access to a car! The reason why i got so excited about this is simply because the campsite is quite isolated – located on the top of a hill and at the end of a pretty bad road, we need to rely on […]

America Hill


Since we usually work mornings, we try to go on hikes after work. The Virgin Islands national park, which covers most of the island of St John, is full of lovely trails, most of them not too long or too intense – an average trail around here takes about a couple of hours. Some of […]