Manuel Antonio National Park


Now it’s my turn to complain about the cold weather! OK, perhaps it’s not as cold as Freiburg at the moment, but it’s colder than I expected it to be in Greece. So to bring back a few warm (or perhaps I should say hot and humid) memories, I’ve decided to write about Costa Rica […]

Back in Edale

Railway Edale

After a break of 15 years we were heading back to one of our favourite places: Edale in the Peak District. It would be the first destination in our “fifteen national parks in fifteen days” extravaganza. We decided to take my dad’s midlife-crisis-mobile, a Mazda MX5, in the vain hope that we might encounter some […]

Growing up in a rucksack

In a rucksack

When I left my job in Strasbourg in September 2011 I suddenly had the freedom to do whatever I wanted. It was a strange, liberating feeling – kind of scary that my life no longer had the routine of a 9-5 job, but exciting that I was moving on to new challenges. My dad happened […]