A night at Concordia


Our next to last night on St John was spent at Concordia, Maho’s sister property on the east end of the island. The resort is made up of eco-tents, connected by elevated boardwalks (made of recycled newspaper! how cool is that): The tents are definitely a step up from Maho in luxury… … but also in […]

(Everyday) life in paradise

maho bay, little and baby maho

Ok, so all this exploring is great – but what’s everyday life at Maho like? Surely it isn’t all fun? Well… it kinda is. Even the little routine of getting up and going to work is a completely different (and kind of more fun) experience over here. So here’s how it goes down: We wake […]

America Hill


Since we usually work mornings, we try to go on hikes after work. The Virgin Islands national park, which covers most of the island of St John, is full of lovely trails, most of them not too long or too intense – an average trail around here takes about a couple of hours. Some of […]

A small taste of the island

Maho boardwalk

Hey everyone! First update from the tropics today – everything is slightly primitive here (in a good way!) so going online is very difficult business… also, there is so much to do and to see that I really haven’t had any time to sit down and write what it’s like…. After a very long trip, I […]

England in the summer


I know, i know, when i said i’d post pictures of sandy beaches and tropical waters this is not exactly what anybody had in mind… But we’re still about a month away from the Caribbean, and lately my only contact with the sea were the (sandy: yes, sunny: nope) beaches of Yorkshire. I spent a […]