Manuel Antonio National Park


Now it’s my turn to complain about the cold weather! OK, perhaps it’s not as cold as Freiburg at the moment, but it’s colder than I expected it to be in Greece. So to bring back a few warm (or perhaps I should say hot and humid) memories, I’ve decided to write about Costa Rica […]

Latitude 10


My time in Costa Rica had almost come to an end – and it had been brilliant. But I just had one, make that two, more things on my list: I still hadn’t visited all of Cayuga’s properties. And one of those properties, Latitude 10, was on perhaps the most famous beach in Costa Rica; […]

Crocodile bridge

Tarcoles bridge crocs

During one of my first roadtrips in Costa Rica, which was from Arenas del Mar to the capital San Jose, we stopped off for a coffee and tortilla at a roadside café. We had quite a way to go but for some reason Piero (the Sustainability Coordinator at the hotel) wanted to take a walk across the […]

Heading to Lapa Rios


I first heard of Lapa Rios during the very first session I attended at the Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference back in 2011. Karen Lewis, one of the pioneers behind the place, was giving a presentation on how she and her husband John had created one of the most renowned ecolodges in the world. It […]

Heading for Harmony


During my internship with Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality I was lucky enough to work at The Harmony Hotel in Nosara. Located just a stone’s throw away from the beautiful Playa Guiones, Harmony was created back in 2004 by a couple who met whilst surfing there. Their dream was to create something unique where guests could surf […]



One of the major perks of my internship at Arenas del Mar was to test some of the trips offered by local providers. It’s a good way of ensuring that guests know what to expect and won’t be disappointed when they go on the trips themselves. Just before leaving Manuel Antonio, I had the chance to […]

Arriving in Costa Rica

Baby possum

The weeks of waiting impatiently for my trip to Costa Rica had finally come to an end. I was really excited about the prospect of learning by doing after hearing so much about the country at the ESTC back in September 2011. After a long flight over I was glad to get some rest in […]