3rd European Ecotourism Conference!

Euroeco pic

I’m very pleased to announce that I’ve been asked to speak at the upcoming 3rd European Ecotourism Conference at Hotel Windsor  in Jachranka, Poland. The conference will take place from 26th – 29th April and bring together around 200 ecotourism practitioners, acamademics and enthusiastics from throughout Europe and beyond. This year will be rather unique in that all […]

Urban Gardening in Athens

IMG_2338 (Large)

The Greek capital is changing. Slowly, but it’s changing. Marousi, where Vicky’s parents live, is the first municipality in Athens to introduce an official urban gardening scheme. The idea is simple: take a disused, vacant piece of land and divide it into sections. Then let local residents apply for a section on a first-come, first-served […]

Collecting rubbish to prevent dengue fever

Collecting Rubbish

As part of a campaign to prevent the spread of dengue fever, I joined staff from Arenas del Mar to help in a two-day clear up of the nearby village La Inmaculada. The aim was to collect any old washing machines, buckets, sinks and other containers which can collect rainwater and provide the perfect place for the […]

Whiteboards, recycling bins and a lot of smiling faces…

Local school

The local schools in the Manuel Antonio area often have very limited resources. This naturally limits the pupils´ ability to learn effectively. In an effort to improve this situation, and increase awareness about separating waste and recycling, Arenas del Mar donated whiteboards, pens, recycling bins and a whole lot more to the Colinas del Este […]

Early morning at the beach


Once a month a group of staff from Arenas del Mar heads to the beach early in the morning. But they’re not there to surf, swim or simply take in take the amazing scenery. Instead, their task is to collect as much litter as possible, starting at the south end of Espadilla beach (which the […]