Bridge in the sky


My parents came to visit us for a few days recently. And it seemed a shame not to show my dad the amazing mountains surrounding our house. After a bit of searching we decided to check out an area that I also had yet to discover: the Rindomo Gorge and the amazing feat of engineering that is the Pigadiotiko […]

Like a lion in Zion: the Hidden Canyon


After a good night’s sleep under the shadow of the Watchman, we were excited to set off on our hike… We’d decided to try the intriguing Hidden Canyon hike (btw, this guy’s guides to the Zion trails are amazing, with all the information you could possibly need, and some amazing pictures. I don’t know you Joe, […]

Like a lion in Zion: Canyon Overlook, The Narrows


As we drove into the mountains towards Zion National Park, we really didn’t know what to expect – i’d never heard of the place before, i hadn’t done any research or seen any pictures and was wholly unprepared for what was about to happen. But that turned out fine, since that’s when mind-blowing awesomeness is […]

The Grand Staircase – from Tuba City to Zion Canyon


So, where were we?? Oh, that’s right… caught in a snowstorm in the middle of the Arizona plains: As i hinted in my last post, the drive from Monument Valley to Zion National Park suddenly became a wee bit scary, and unless we reacted quickly it looked like we might have to spend the night in […]

Navajo Nation


We left the Grand Canyon and prepared ourselves for another few hunded miles on the road. The landscape quickly changed back into flat, dry plains… and the land around us soon changed into a brick red colour. We were entering Navajo territory. Once again, we cruised along these endless roads and fields of red dust, […]

In the mountains of Epirus (III)

Ovires rockpools

As you may or may not have realised, i sort of developed a huge crush on Papingo during our stay, so you can imagine i was less than happy to wake up on our last day there… However, a hearty breakfast full of local, fresh goodness made getting out of bed significantly easier! Besides, i […]

In the mountains of Epirus (I)

Gamila Rocks

What do you think about when you think about Greece? I guess people think of the sea. It is indeed such a great part of Greece, such a beautiful part of it  – all that blue.  And yet, Greece is so much more than that – and that’s what we set out to discover on […]