Sunset on Malibu beach

IMG_5181 (Large)

It’s been cloudy and raining these past few days in Freiburg, and I’m starting to think that this very short (though very beautiful) southern german summer has already come to an end. It feels like it barely lasted for a couple of weeks, and I spent it all being knee-deep (more like chin-deep) in thesis […]

Big Sur


On the way to Pismo Beach, where we’d have to stop for the night, we took a detour through a shaded pine forest and a small canyon. We had read about a little secret spot that we wanted to check out but it wasn’t clearly signposted and we weren’t exactly sure that we were on […]

Gulls, sea otters and jellyfish


We left San Francisco in the evening, since we wanted to spend as much time as possible on the next leg of our trip: the world-famous Pacific Coast Highway, otherwise known as Highway 1. We drove all the way to a little place called Capitola, a toy town near Santa Cruz with colourful houses, surf […]

The Grand Staircase – from Tuba City to Zion Canyon


So, where were we?? Oh, that’s right… caught in a snowstorm in the middle of the Arizona plains: As i hinted in my last post, the drive from Monument Valley to Zion National Park suddenly became a wee bit scary, and unless we reacted quickly it looked like we might have to spend the night in […]

America Hill


Since we usually work mornings, we try to go on hikes after work. The Virgin Islands national park, which covers most of the island of St John, is full of lovely trails, most of them not too long or too intense – an average trail around here takes about a couple of hours. Some of […]

A small taste of the island

Maho boardwalk

Hey everyone! First update from the tropics today – everything is slightly primitive here (in a good way!) so going online is very difficult business… also, there is so much to do and to see that I really haven’t had any time to sit down and write what it’s like…. After a very long trip, I […]

England in the summer


I know, i know, when i said i’d post pictures of sandy beaches and tropical waters this is not exactly what anybody had in mind… But we’re still about a month away from the Caribbean, and lately my only contact with the sea were the (sandy: yes, sunny: nope) beaches of Yorkshire. I spent a […]

Heading for Harmony


During my internship with Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality I was lucky enough to work at The Harmony Hotel in Nosara. Located just a stone’s throw away from the beautiful Playa Guiones, Harmony was created back in 2004 by a couple who met whilst surfing there. Their dream was to create something unique where guests could surf […]

Early morning at the beach


Once a month a group of staff from Arenas del Mar heads to the beach early in the morning. But they’re not there to surf, swim or simply take in take the amazing scenery. Instead, their task is to collect as much litter as possible, starting at the south end of Espadilla beach (which the […]

Arriving in Costa Rica

Baby possum

The weeks of waiting impatiently for my trip to Costa Rica had finally come to an end. I was really excited about the prospect of learning by doing after hearing so much about the country at the ESTC back in September 2011. After a long flight over I was glad to get some rest in […]