Manuel Antonio National Park


Now it’s my turn to complain about the cold weather! OK, perhaps it’s not as cold as Freiburg at the moment, but it’s colder than I expected it to be in Greece. So to bring back a few warm (or perhaps I should say hot and humid) memories, I’ve decided to write about Costa Rica […]

Sunset on Malibu beach

IMG_5181 (Large)

It’s been cloudy and raining these past few days in Freiburg, and I’m starting to think that this very short (though very beautiful) southern german summer has already come to an end. It feels like it barely lasted for a couple of weeks, and I spent it all being knee-deep (more like chin-deep) in thesis […]

Big Sur


On the way to Pismo Beach, where we’d have to stop for the night, we took a detour through a shaded pine forest and a small canyon. We had read about a little secret spot that we wanted to check out but it wasn’t clearly signposted and we weren’t exactly sure that we were on […]

A weekend in Whitstable


For this short post I decided to let the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy!

Gulls, sea otters and jellyfish


We left San Francisco in the evening, since we wanted to spend as much time as possible on the next leg of our trip: the world-famous Pacific Coast Highway, otherwise known as Highway 1. We drove all the way to a little place called Capitola, a toy town near Santa Cruz with colourful houses, surf […]

That LA sky


Los Angeles is a strange, strange place. It’s a difficult city to love, and i couldn’t shake the feeling that there is so much misery behind all that glamour. But even though it’s a tough and superficial place, there is one thing about it that is of unbelievable beauty: the  sky. There’s something about it […]

The long way home

sunset at dennis beach

As the time to go back approached, we realised more and more what an amazing experience this was, and how lucky we were to spend some time in paradise. We started talking about it one evening – about how we didn’t want to go back to our real lives, and we joked about how we […]

A night at Concordia


Our next to last night on St John was spent at Concordia, Maho’s sister property on the east end of the island. The resort is made up of eco-tents, connected by elevated boardwalks (made of recycled newspaper! how cool is that): The tents are definitely a step up from Maho in luxury… … but also in […]



Tortola is the main port of the British Virgin Islands, just a dinghy ride away from the US Virgin Islands – and of course Chris wouldn’t miss an opportunity to pay a visit to the motherland (he kept wondering whether we’d get proper beer and pub food over there, quite cute) (spoiler alert: we didn’t)… so, […]

(Everyday) life in paradise

maho bay, little and baby maho

Ok, so all this exploring is great – but what’s everyday life at Maho like? Surely it isn’t all fun? Well… it kinda is. Even the little routine of getting up and going to work is a completely different (and kind of more fun) experience over here. So here’s how it goes down: We wake […]