Sunset on Malibu beach

It’s been cloudy and raining these past few days in Freiburg, and I’m starting to think that this very short (though very beautiful) southern german summer has already come to an end. It feels like it barely lasted for a couple of weeks, and I spent it all being knee-deep (more like chin-deep) in thesis work.  I’m just now realising in horror that I’ve had zero holiday except for a few weekends here and there (that i’ll tell you all about in due time). I am in desperate need to get away – which is still not an option in real life. So, until I can actually leave it all behind for a bit, here are some pictures of the glorious sunset on Malibu beach, so that you can join me in dreaming about faraway lands.

First of all, this is the way to Malibu Beach:

This is Malibu beach itself:

houses_malibu_beach (2)

And where is that glorious sunset? Just turn around and look at the evening sky:



The beach itself is nothing special – from the outside it’s a mess, overflowing with parked cars, electricity wires and traffic jams – the beach is gated and lined with fancy villas. But that sunset! That sunset. It has my heart.

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