Spring break

When we left for our weekend in France, we left behind a grey and miserable Freiburg. Spring showed no signs of wanting to visit any time soon… (made me think of this book that i read and loved as a kid). This is what it looked like:

Grey  Freiburg

But we had a lovely sunny weekend in the Vosges, and then came back to this:


Just a couple of days of sun were enough for spring to peep through! We couldn’t resist taking a walk around sunny Freiburg – the city really comes into its own in the spring, and summer here is so much fun! People walk around barefoot, children splash around in the Bächle, and there’s flowers everywhere:

Things have started blooming even inside our flat!! Some time ago we decided to plant our own fresh herbs – parsley, basil, chives and coriander… we keep them in their little compostable pots on the window sill but since there didn’t seem to be any action on their side we’d sort of given up on them. But then, lo and behold!

No, no, it’s not the gigantic bunch of tulips – our little miracle of nature is right next to it. What, you can’t see anything? Let me take you a bit closer….

Yay! we’ve got two minuscule sprouts. Not quite enough to make a salad yet, but we’re working on it. What a difference a little bit of sun makes. We’re back to grey miserable skies for now, but this little taste of spring has me craving for more. Oh summer, where art thou?

PS: Speaking of things growing, check out Chris’s beard!!! :-)

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