3rd European Ecotourism Conference!

I’m very pleased to announce that I’ve been asked to speak at the upcoming 3rd European Ecotourism Conference at Hotel Windsor  in Jachranka, Poland. The conference will take place from 26th – 29th April and bring together around 200 ecotourism practitioners, acamademics and enthusiastics from throughout Europe and beyond. This year will be rather unique in that all accommodation, meals and the conference fee will be free of charge! How great is that?

After speaking at the last European Ecotourism Conference, which took place in Poiana Brasov, Romania, it’s an exciting prospect to be presenting together with some great people. I’ll be sharing the stage with some familiar faces who were also in Romania in 2013: Aivar Ruukel of the Estonian Ecotourism Association, Mary Mulvey of Ecotourism Ireland and Michael Meyer of Ecological Tourism in Europe. I’ll also get to know some new ecotourism leaders in Europe: Jeppe Klockareson of Fair Travel, Anna Pollock of Conscious Travel, Karolina Likhtarovich, Partnership Green Fundways Polska Association and Rafal Kurczewski, teacher and author.


Euroeco pic

My topic will be “How to Communicate Ecotourism” and I plan to share the ideas and challenges of the newly formed Hellenic Ecotourism Society as well provide a good overview for participants on how to communicate ecotourism effectively. After all, if you can’t communicate what you’re doing at your ecotourism project/business, no one will know about all the great things you’re doing!

I’ll be reporting regularly on the discussions via Twitter using the #Euro15 hashtag, on Facebook and Google +. I’ll also be taking lots of notes and photographs and will report back to you via this blog! Wish me luck :)

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