Last Saturday we went sailing with a few friends from work! Our captain was such a character – he paints his toenails blue, wears an earring shaped like a pirate sword and tells the craziest stories.

Bob the sailor

His boat is called Windsong, and we sailed it all the way – didn’t turn on the engine once. The boys got very excited because they got to help out, and we all got a little introduction to the principles of sailing, which was fascinating.


We went to a small island nearby called Lavongo (the island next to it is called Congo. Congo and Lavongo. Hehe. Funny 8-) ).

We went snorkeling and saw some pretty impressive coral:

Blue coral


Elk horn coral

We also swam to a small cave on the side of the island, which was awesome and also a little scary..

Lavongo cave

The sail back was a little adventure – the wind dropped, and after waiting for a bit for it to pick up again, we had to push the boat with the dinghy…

Bringing us home

We made it home just in time for dinner, tired and sunburnt but very excited (it made me want to learn how to sail!)….a task that Chris performed very enthusiastically.

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