Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference 2013


Unlike 2011 and 2012, this year’s Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference (ESTC) would be held outside of North America. The venue was Nairobi, Kenya – the country in which the concept of ecotourism was born over twenty years ago. I had never been to Africa before and was especially excited about discovering a totally new […]

Making bread

Walnut bread

We both love homemade jams and bread and have been experimenting with our own recently in Freiburg – check out our walnut and raisin loaf: Not bad, hey? There’s nothing better than a homemade breakfast – it all somehow tastes so much simpler and better.

Black Forest Brevet pit-stop

belchen (Large)

About a month ago, Chris decided to take on a pretty impressive challenge – the Black Forest Brevet, which would require a team of riders to ride up and down five of the biggest Black Forest peaks around Freiburg: the Kandel (1241m), the Schauinsland (1200m), the Belchen (1360m), the Hochkopf (1079m) and the Hochblauen (1165m). […]

Catholics and Rebetiko in Ano Syros


One evening our group was taken to explore the winding white-washed alleys of Ano Syros, a quaint little village that was founded by the Venetians back in the 12th century. Perched on the top of a hill overlooking the capital Hermoupolis, the village is dominated by its Roman Catholic Basilica, Agios Giorgos. After a short […]

Dancing and Cooking like a Greek

Syros Dancing

From my experience so far, cooking and dancing are two of Greece’s favourite past-times. It therefore seemed rather fitting that we would learn how (or at least try) to cook and dance like a Greek during our time in Syros. First up: dancing! We hopped on a bus and headed to a local school to […]

Urban gardening update


Hey everyone – I bet you’re just dying to know how things are going on the urban gardening front!   Well, look no further: here’s an excruciatingly detailed update, from a very proud gardening mama. Wait, don’t go away yet! There’s lots of nice pictures of plants and stuff. So, after the last post, the […]

Loukoumia & Halvadopita


Syros isn’t just famous for it’s rich history, it’s also well-known for its rich local specialities: loukoumia and halvadopita. My greek class went to a local factory to find out more! Loukoumia can be best described as something similar to turkish delight. It’s made of a mixture of cornflour, sugar and various flavourings. The cornflour […]

Guess what….


We can officially start an Africa section on the blog because…. We’re going to Kenya!!! Now that all arrangements have been made, and I’m not afraid I’m going to jinx it, I can finally spill the beans on our next adventure… Africa, here we come! So here’s the deal: Chris will spend a month in Nairobi […]

Learning Greek on Syros

Hotel View Syros

Back in January a friend of Vicky’s (thanks again Anastassia!) told me about a little-known EU-funded programme that promotes adult education throughout Europe. I took a closer look at the courses offered under the Grundtvig Programme  (well worth a look by the way) and saw an all expenses paid 10-day Greek course on an island […]

Freiburg through the eyes of a bike courier

Freiburg Bike Courier Photos

Someone pointed out the other day that there’s nothing on this blog to show which “one of us loves bikes”. Well, the secret’s out now. That “one of us” is in fact me, and this post will shed a little light on my passion for the two-wheeled, muscle-powered machine. It was actually a mountain biking […]