In amongst the vines

We had only been at Elpidohori for a few days and already we were starting to feel settled and get to know the locals. Demetri, a local organic wine and olive oil producer and good friend of Erato, invited us over to the local village to see his vines. Lazoros, Evi and a very excited Mylo jumped on their bike…


….which looked like great fun – especially since it was a nicer day than it looks on the photo. But without helmets we decided to opt for the more comfortable mode of transport – the back of Demetri’s pickup. And it turned out that Mylo preferred a little more comfort as well. No sooner had we descended the incredibly bumpy road out of Elpidohori and the little fella had had enough.


Maladreni, the closest village to Elpidohori, is just a few kilometres away. It’s quite a bit higher up though, so the view is even more spectacular. Nemea and its surrounding area produce some of the, if not the actual best wine Greece has to offer.


We didn’t know it yet, but we were about to experience some serious Greek hospitality. After showing us around his farm, Demetri asked us all to take a seat in their nice little seating area outside.


He and his wife then proceeded to put on a complete spread, with two types of their own wine, mezes, and even tsipouro – a local spirit made from grape must.


After our feast we checked out some of the new vines Demetri is growing



and a few of the organic orange trees. You need to taste them to believe just how good they are!


Our tour wasn’t finished yet. We hopped back on the truck and headed deep into Greek wine country, up winding, bumpy dirt roads, well off the beaten track.


Until we were completely surrounded by vines. It reminded me of sunny bike trips in Alsace and the Black Forest – really beautiful scenery.


Demetri had built a little cabin on his land:


With just about everything you need for a cosy night for two. But where was the wine? I bet he’s got some stashed in that cupboard!


There was also this awesome garden set, made of parts of a single old tree:


The autumn harvest was a long way off yet, but the vines were looking pretty good:


Before heading back to the village, Demetri took us to one last spot: his friend’s wine cellar, cut deep into the Nemean hillside. It must have taken a long time to dig so deep into the ground, but the result was worth it – the perfect temperature for storing and maturing the local drop.


Here are just a couple of the dusty bottles waiting to grace the local tables. I was really tempted to sneak one of them out with me, but thought better of it. It wouldn’t give the right impression on our first outing together ;).


It was great to meet new people, see new things and make new friends (lizards, humans and dogs alike) outside of Elpidohori today. The hospitality we experienced was amazing – something we could definitely get used to!




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