Loukoumia & Halvadopita

Syros isn’t just famous for it’s rich history, it’s also well-known for its rich local specialities: loukoumia and halvadopita. My greek class went to a local factory to find out more!

Loukoumia can be best described as something similar to turkish delight. It’s made of a mixture of cornflour, sugar and various flavourings. The cornflour and sugar are combined with water and then boiled for a while

Loukoumia Preparation Syros

before having some flavourings and other ingredients added, like Masticha or nuts:

Masticha Syros Loukoumia

Its then poured into trays

Loukoumia Factory Syros

(I couldn’t help wondering whether the staff got free samples whenever they liked…)

Loukoumia Factory Syros

before being dusted with icing sugar and then carried over to a cooling rack

Loukoumia Factory Syros

Loukoumia Factory Syros

When the loukoumia have set, they are ready to be cut and boxed by hand:

Loukoumia Factory Syros Cutting

Loukoumia Factory Syros

It was nice to see how the whole family get involved in this traditional process.

Loukoumia Factory Syros Making Boxes

And now for something completely different. Halvadopita is nougat sandwiched between two wafers to make a kind of nougat pie. Egg whites, honey and sugar are mixed together in a large vat,

Halvadopita Factory Syros

and then, when the timing is just right, a lorry load of almonds is thrown in

Halvadopita Factory Syros Almonds

and then a few more just to make sure

Halvadopita Factory Syros

and when the consistency is correct, they spoon out big  lumps by hand

Halvadopita Factory Syros

squish them between two wafers (I wonder how many of those arm hairs get in the mixture ;))

Halvadopita Factory Syros Handmade

and then wrap them up in a piece of paper.

Halvadopita Factory Syros Wrapping

Delicious – and environmentally conscious packaging to boot. Not a piece of plastic in sight!

Halvadopita Factory Syros



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