(Everyday) life in paradise

Ok, so all this exploring is great – but what’s everyday life at Maho like? Surely it isn’t all fun? Well… it kinda is. Even the little routine of getting up and going to work is a completely different (and kind of more fun) experience over here. So here’s how it goes down:

We wake up at around 6.00 every morning to get ready for work – ok that sounds like a drag (do people even say that any more?), i know, but it’s actually a very natural process. There is not much to do around here past ten o’clock at night, so it’s easy to go to bed early, and the heat makes it necessary to start the day (freakin’) early. Besides, though sleeping in a treehouse has its perks, facilitating lie-ins isn’t one of them…

If the birds and various creepy-crawlies don’t wake you up, the light will (at about five in the morning already!).

After a stop by the nearest bathhouse for a quick  shower,

and after making sure we don’t step on any funny overnight visitors while, say, putting on our shoes (!)

we hit the boardwalk maze (it took me a certain amount of time to find my way down to the center of the camp. but i did it in the end. very proud moment :-) ),

all the way down to the restaurant pavillion for a systematically awesome breakfast and morning chats with all the cool dudes hanging around… 

Smily and rosy-cheeked Sara always has the most delicious muffins (begging to be devoured – the muffins, not Sara :-) ), and the guys in the kitchen prepare the most awesome breakfast goodies: proper pancake stacks, bagels (have you ever tried a cinnamon bagel with banana and peanut butter??), and the best home made granola in the whole wide world.

Then off to work! M. interns with the management, and i am extremely happy to have been placed at the front desk:

I have some pretty cool colleagues that were great fun to hang out with and get to interact with the guests and pretty much every one else on camp, since everybody likes to stop by for a chat every now and again…  Not a bad way to spend seven hours a day (plus, a huge perk of the job: see the fan right next to my face?? there are two more by my feet so as to keep the mosquitoes away…).

After work, time to hit that boardwalk again,

for a quick lunch and siesta back at the treehouse…

There’s not much to do in the afternoons except enjoy the amazingness of the place. A typical afternoon involves a hike to somewhere gorgeous – like the Johnny Horn trail, that takes you past brilliant viewpoints and mind-blowing beaches:

… then ending the hike at one mind-blowing beach or other for some down time (and usually some snorkeling)..

Sometimes, if we’re feeling lazy, we skip the hike altogether and hang out at one of our local beaches – can you see maho bay campsite in the middle? (it seems tiny but there’s more hiding in the forest)

The long beach on the right is Big Maho (favourite sea turtle hang-out, so great for snorkeling!), the one on the left is Little Maho, and the really small one on the left of that is Baby Maho. Hmmm… which one to pick today? Ah. Life is full of tough choices :-p .

Or, if we want to have a night out, we hop on one of the CRAZY safari taxis roaming the streets, (hold on to the railing and pray for dear life) and head into town for a bite and a drink..

Though hanging out in town from time to time is fun, let me tell you 1$/beer happy hour in the tropics does not make for a pretty sight, so we sort of tend to avoid it… And though sunset from the Love city harbor is quite pretty in pink,

it is quite a bit nicer to watch it from a quiet beach (i don’t wanna be picky or anything but i figure the absence of out-of-their-mind-drunk-on-1$-beer-dudes sort of makes it more romantic, but what do i know).

Oh for that virgin islands sunset. I can’t get over it.

(doesn’t it look lovely? and it would be heaven on earth if it weren’t for the sand-flies, that come out when the sun goes down, are tiny like grains of sand so impossible to spot, bite ruthlessly and itch like little f%&$*@s) (pardon my french). So the sunset is about the latest you can stay at the beach… But a brilliant dinner with great people always awaits at the restaurant at the end of the boardwalk…

And then sometimes you get a little present waiting for you back home… Nothing says “hey guys” like a fresh coconut at your doorstep. How cool is that!

Watching the evening sky from our little treehouse deck always makes me think, this couldn’t get any better. This place! I can’t get enough of it.


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