If you’re going to San Francisco (II)

Of course, no visit to San Francisco would be complete without a visit to the bridge… So after a last tour of the city (we sent to the Ferry building,


drove around the city center,

SF_downtown (2)

IMG_3493 (Large)

followed the tram around,

IMG_3421 (Large)

and went to check out Lombard Street with its eight hairpin turns and awesome view over the city),

we dutifully headed for the Golden Gate. As you can tell from most of the pictures, we were pretty lucky with the weather – not a wisp of fog in the air!

IMG_4876 (Large)

More shots of the bridge, anyone? Oh well, here’s one more:

IMG_4879 (Large)

(great timing, milnes!)

Even though it probably is a very touristy thing to do, i have to admit that hanging out by the bridge and at nearby Fort Point was pretty cool…

When we went back to the city, we headed for the hills (well – they’re sort of everywhere!) to watch the sun set over the city:

We went to Coit Tower (being sort of a french speaker, the name made me giggle every single time) via the various streets that Steve McQueen races down in Bullit (best car chase ever!) and then found a great little private spot just underneath the tower with awesome views:

As night fell, we realised we didn’t really want to leave that place. I think we could both picture ourselves living there. Oh San Francisco. We’ll come visit again.


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