Heading for Harmony

During my internship with Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality I was lucky enough to work at The Harmony Hotel in Nosara. Located just a stone’s throw away from the beautiful Playa Guiones, Harmony was created back in 2004 by a couple who met whilst surfing there. Their dream was to create something unique where guests could surf one of the best breaks in Costa Rica, relax in low-key luxury and get away from it all.

After very little sleep the night before (my friends at Arenas del Mar had organised a great leaving barbeque for me) a long, sweaty bus journey from Manuel Antonio via San Jose, and a bumpy taxi ride down the unpaved road that leads to the hotel, I was looking forward to unwinding. From the moment I entered Harmony I felt my heart slow down and my body and mind slip into a state of pure relaxation. The vibe of the place is hard to describe – you have to be there to feel and experience it.

harmony restaurant at guiones nosara

After an amazing meal with the young manager Irene, I dropped off my bags in the staff quarters and then headed down to the legendary surfing beach to check it out for myself. I wasn’t disappointed:

Playa Guiones near Harmony Hotel Nosara

What seemed like minutes watching the waves roll in turned out to be nearly two hours. By the time I was ready to go back it was already dark. I had no torch but luckily there was a band playing at a local surf school. The glimmer of light and the sound of the drums and guitars guided me back to the dirt road that led to the hotel.


The next posts will give you a glimpse of my amazing experience at Harmony – the things I learnt, the people I met and the places I saw, all of which were truly inspiring.

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