Guess what….

We can officially start an Africa section on the blog because….

Time magazine - The animals of Kenya

Image credit:  Anup Shah, Time Magazine – The Animals of Kenya

We’re going to Kenya!!!

Now that all arrangements have been made, and I’m not afraid I’m going to jinx it, I can finally spill the beans on our next adventure… Africa, here we come! So here’s the deal: Chris will spend a month in Nairobi and the Masai Mara, and I will join him for a couple of weeks. More details to come – as well as regular updates live from the other hemisphere – at least depending on network access. As you can imagine, I am unbelievably excited about it all, and, as always, I’m loving the preparations – I’m reading my guidebook like a good girl, highlighting funny or interesting facts (interesting fact n°1 : “motorbike” in swahili is “pikipiki”,which for some reason I find endlessly hilarious). I also got a few books to get me in the mood – including, of course, Out of Africa (which I am reading now, and loving – I also made Chris watch the movie with me, since he hadn’t seen it), and also, after doing some research on Kenyan authors, a book called A Grain of Wheat by Ngugi Wa Thiong’o, that I am very excited to get into (I’m saving it for the actual trip).

I’m sort of catching up with preparations in the real world too –  not just my own little book world. On that front, visas (visae??) have been obtained,


and inoculations have been had:


All I need to do now is figure out my malaria prophylaxis, and I’ll be good to go! So, here’s a question – between a very expensive daily tablet with hardly any side effects and a weekly, affordable one whose side-effects may (and as a matter of fact are quite likely to) include depression, nightmares, paranoia, and hallucinations (!), what would you do?? Hmm. That’s a tough one.

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