Bridges, bridges and more bridges


Coming from the UK, I’ve seen a few stone bridges in my time. Once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all right? Wrong. When I saw the traditional stone bridges in the Zagori region of northern Greece, I found it hard not to be impressed. The stonemasons of the area were real masters of their […]

1km straight down

Oxia gorge in Greece: 1km straight down

And the prize for the world’s deepest canyon goes to…wait for it… Vikos Gorge in northern Greece! Amazing, but true. Vicky and I went on a recent location-finding mission and travelled to the Zagori region near the Albanian border. It was quite a trip to get there but the views were well worth it. To […]

In the mountains of Epirus (III)

Ovires rockpools

As you may or may not have realised, i sort of developed a huge crush on Papingo during our stay, so you can imagine i was less than happy to wake up on our last day there… However, a hearty breakfast full of local, fresh goodness made getting out of bed significantly easier! Besides, i […]

In the mountains of Epirus (II)

Kokkino lithari

Megalo and Mikro Papingo are two of the most amazing villages in the Zagori area – they are gorgeously preserved, and lie in the imposing shadow of the Astraka towers, huge (about 1750 m. high, and 400 m above the village!) vertical rock formations, part of the Astraka mountain range that looms over Papingo. They […]

In the mountains of Epirus (I)

Gamila Rocks

What do you think about when you think about Greece? I guess people think of the sea. It is indeed such a great part of Greece, such a beautiful part of it  – all that blue.  And yet, Greece is so much more than that – and that’s what we set out to discover on […]