Spring break

IMG_0617 (Large)

When we left for our weekend in France, we left behind a grey and miserable Freiburg. Spring showed no signs of wanting to visit any time soon… (made me think of this book that i read and loved as a kid). This is what it looked like: But we had a lovely sunny weekend in the […]

À la ferme

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Spending the weekend in the Wormsa valley was so cool – we were less than 80 km from home but it was so relaxed and remote and fascinating that it felt like a real holiday. Reading and napping in the sun on the grassy slope between our cabin and the river, hiking past waterfalls and […]

Metzeral meltwater

Metzeral meltwater

Spring in Freiburg has taken forever to arrive this year. So when we heard it was going to be 24 degrees last Sunday – by far the hottest day of 2013 so far – we decided to head to the hills. After a night catching up with friends in Strasbourg (where we used to live […]

A walk in the clouds

clouds at rosskopf

When it’s cloudy in Freiburg, the best thing to do is take a walk above the clouds: The viewing tower up on Rosskopf mountain is the perfect spot to take in the view towards that sea of clouds, with the mountains peaking out of it like deserted islands. A sea of clouds, mountaintop islands, and a forest of wind […]

Morgestraich… forward, march!


A few days ago we woke up at 1.30 in the morning. We had some coffee, bundled up, then headed to the empty train station. We (and quite a few other sleepy freiburgers) caught a special train at 2.30 in the morning. It was a bit strange and kind of cool and it felt like […]

England in the summer


I know, i know, when i said i’d post pictures of sandy beaches and tropical waters this is not exactly what anybody had in mind… But we’re still about a month away from the Caribbean, and lately my only contact with the sea were the (sandy: yes, sunny: nope) beaches of Yorkshire. I spent a […]



Our first morning after our first night under canvas, we had quite a long drive ahead of us and so were up early. I don’t think I had woken up properly because I put some water on to boil and almost immediately managed to kick it over (BTW, if you ever need a good camping […]

Back in Edale

Railway Edale

After a break of 15 years we were heading back to one of our favourite places: Edale in the Peak District. It would be the first destination in our “fifteen national parks in fifteen days” extravaganza. We decided to take my dad’s midlife-crisis-mobile, a Mazda MX5, in the vain hope that we might encounter some […]

Growing up in a rucksack

In a rucksack

When I left my job in Strasbourg in September 2011 I suddenly had the freedom to do whatever I wanted. It was a strange, liberating feeling – kind of scary that my life no longer had the routine of a 9-5 job, but exciting that I was moving on to new challenges. My dad happened […]