3rd European Ecotourism Conference!

Euroeco pic

I’m very pleased to announce that I’ve been asked to speak at the upcoming 3rd European Ecotourism Conference at Hotel Windsor  in Jachranka, Poland. The conference will take place from 26th – 29th April and bring together around 200 ecotourism practitioners, acamademics and enthusiastics from throughout Europe and beyond. This year will be rather unique in that all […]

In amongst the vines


We had only been at Elpidohori for a few days and already we were starting to feel settled and get to know the locals. Demetri, a local organic wine and olive oil producer and good friend of Erato, invited us over to the local village to see his vines. Lazoros, Evi and a very excited […]

Moving to Greece


Yes folks, it’s official. We have left Freiburg and now live in Greece! It’s been a long time coming, but we’re so happy to have taken this major step. The past weeks have been rather tiring and hectic, but all the effort was worth it. I was especially busy because I needed to fly back […]

The Fahrradwerkstatt in Freiburg

Fahrradwerkstatt Freiburg

The Fahrradwerkstatt (bike workshop) in Freiburg is legendary. If you live here and own a bike (and just about everyone does), chances are you’ve been. It began way back in 1980 – before I was even born. A group of environmentally-minded students got together and formed the workshop in the basement of the FABRIK, a centre for handicrafts, […]

Making bread

Walnut bread

We both love homemade jams and bread and have been experimenting with our own recently in Freiburg – check out our walnut and raisin loaf: Not bad, hey? There’s nothing better than a homemade breakfast – it all somehow tastes so much simpler and better.

Black Forest Brevet pit-stop

belchen (Large)

About a month ago, Chris decided to take on a pretty impressive challenge – the Black Forest Brevet, which would require a team of riders to ride up and down five of the biggest Black Forest peaks around Freiburg: the Kandel (1241m), the Schauinsland (1200m), the Belchen (1360m), the Hochkopf (1079m) and the Hochblauen (1165m). […]

Urban gardening update


Hey everyone – I bet you’re just dying to know how things are going on the urban gardening front!   Well, look no further: here’s an excruciatingly detailed update, from a very proud gardening mama. Wait, don’t go away yet! There’s lots of nice pictures of plants and stuff. So, after the last post, the […]

Freiburg through the eyes of a bike courier

Freiburg Bike Courier Photos

Someone pointed out the other day that there’s nothing on this blog to show which “one of us loves bikes”. Well, the secret’s out now. That “one of us” is in fact me, and this post will shed a little light on my passion for the two-wheeled, muscle-powered machine. It was actually a mountain biking […]

A weekend in Whitstable


For this short post I decided to let the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy!

Adventures in urban gardening

IMG_5101 (Large)

Remember my tiny little herb garden? In case you were interested, it’s growing! Watching it grow is fascinating. The best one is coriander – it’s really going nuts over here! I mean, look at it: It recently graduated from the baby leaves to real, delicious coriander leaves that i find very difficult not to pinch […]