Manuel Antonio National Park


Now it’s my turn to complain about the cold weather! OK, perhaps it’s not as cold as Freiburg at the moment, but it’s colder than I expected it to be in Greece. So to bring back a few warm (or perhaps I should say hot and humid) memories, I’ve decided to write about Costa Rica […]

Latitude 10


My time in Costa Rica had almost come to an end – and it had been brilliant. But I just had one, make that two, more things on my list: I still hadn’t visited all of Cayuga’s properties. And one of those properties, Latitude 10, was on perhaps the most famous beach in Costa Rica; […]

Crocodile bridge

Tarcoles bridge crocs

During one of my first roadtrips in Costa Rica, which was from Arenas del Mar to the capital San Jose, we stopped off for a coffee and tortilla at a roadside café. We had quite a way to go but for some reason Piero (the Sustainability Coordinator at the hotel) wanted to take a walk across the […]

Heading to Lapa Rios


I first heard of Lapa Rios during the very first session I attended at the Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference back in 2011. Karen Lewis, one of the pioneers behind the place, was giving a presentation on how she and her husband John had created one of the most renowned ecolodges in the world. It […]

Heading for Harmony


During my internship with Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality I was lucky enough to work at The Harmony Hotel in Nosara. Located just a stone’s throw away from the beautiful Playa Guiones, Harmony was created back in 2004 by a couple who met whilst surfing there. Their dream was to create something unique where guests could surf […]

Football in Costa Rica

Angry Fan

Football is everything in this country: men play it, women play it, children play it and pretty much everyone watches it. Even the tiniest of villages has a football pitch – it seems people here just can’t live without it. When I was offered the chance to watch a professional game I naturally jumped at […]

Collecting rubbish to prevent dengue fever

Collecting Rubbish

As part of a campaign to prevent the spread of dengue fever, I joined staff from Arenas del Mar to help in a two-day clear up of the nearby village La Inmaculada. The aim was to collect any old washing machines, buckets, sinks and other containers which can collect rainwater and provide the perfect place for the […]

Whiteboards, recycling bins and a lot of smiling faces…

Local school

The local schools in the Manuel Antonio area often have very limited resources. This naturally limits the pupils´ ability to learn effectively. In an effort to improve this situation, and increase awareness about separating waste and recycling, Arenas del Mar donated whiteboards, pens, recycling bins and a whole lot more to the Colinas del Este […]



One of the major perks of my internship at Arenas del Mar was to test some of the trips offered by local providers. It’s a good way of ensuring that guests know what to expect and won’t be disappointed when they go on the trips themselves. Just before leaving Manuel Antonio, I had the chance to […]

Early morning at the beach


Once a month a group of staff from Arenas del Mar heads to the beach early in the morning. But they’re not there to surf, swim or simply take in take the amazing scenery. Instead, their task is to collect as much litter as possible, starting at the south end of Espadilla beach (which the […]